Escape Kit : At home Escape Room

The Sleeping Curse


Surprise your kids with this Escape Room inspired by Harry Potter's universe that transforms your home into a wizard school!

Story :
The new school year has begun in Iwinery, the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft. All the students are, like you, excited and impatient! On the first day of school, you don’t hear your alarm clock and you arrive late… and then… amazed! A curse has fallen on Iwinery and all the children, usually so joyful, are plunged into a sleep that seems eternal…

Age 6-10   🧑‍🤝‍🧑2-6   ⏲️1 h

What does the Escape Kit contain?
- A complete kit, ready to use, to save time
- A simple instruction manual for a quick installation
- Posters and invitations for a complete experience
- And even a YouTube playlist to set the mood !

IMPORTANT : A printer is required. The kit includes the setup guide, the game elements to print and cut, instructions for the Game Master and other accessories. There is no limit to the number of players.

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